There is a nurturing community waiting for you here at Kind-Hearts Adult Foster Care.

Licensed and Qualified Care

Kind-Hearts Adult Foster Care is a provider of adult foster care licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to serve the elderly, people with disability, and people with mental illnesses who experience difficulty living in the comforts of their homes.

Located in a quiet and favorable living environment in the northern twin cities suburb area of Centerville, Minnesota, Kind-Hearts Adult Foster Care has made it its goal to preserve the quality of life of its care recipients through dedicated and specialized service.

As a licensed living arrangement in a private home setting, the provision of lodging, food, personal care, medication assistance, monetary safekeeping assistance, and transportation services is our priority. We believe that delivering the best and most effective care possible is essential in encouraging the highest level of functioning of our residents.

elderly woman with her female caregiver
elderly woman with her female caregiver

Home Away from Home

At Kind-Hearts Adult Foster Care, we aim to facilitate the necessary level of care that residents seek the moment they employ our assistance. We maintain a sense of homeliness in the foster home by encouraging familiarity with the amenities and tailoring activities that are adept to the interests of our residents.

Our care providers live together with the residents and render 24-hour assistance when required. Specialized assistance is necessary for the elderly with chronic illnesses and residents with physical disabilities or mental illnesses.

Our Mission

Providing comfort, safety, relief, and convenience for residents is the daily mission of Kind-Hearts Adult Foster Care. Through our assistance, we continue to promote the independence of care recipients who are able-bodied and provide special support to residents with physical disabilities. We seek to assist them in their everyday dealings and encourage them to perform their highest level of functioning.

Benefits of Adult Foster Care

Physical security is a common concern for individuals who live alone. There is no guarantee of what risks their living arrangements may bring to them.

In an adult foster care setting, residents get to live in a community. And the community at Kind-Hearts Adult Foster Care is small yet thriving. Care recipients will experience satisfaction when they receive the right kind of care. They will meet new acquaintances and still exercise their independence and dignity in the protection of a peaceful and nurturing place.

Reach Out to Us

If you have queries about the qualifications to become a resident or with our adult foster care arrangements, please give us a call at 763-222-4838 or write your concerns here.