The safety and comfort of the home are primary in our provision of adult foster care services.

Kind-Hearts Adult Foster Care is a compassionate adult foster care community that attends to its residents. The population of residents is maintained at a minimum to promote serenity in the home and allow care providers more opportunities to assist with the needs of each resident.

elderly woman with her female caregiver
elderly woman with her female caregiver

Under the lodging services, each resident is provided with a single adult-sized bed, a clean mattress in good condition, seasonal beddings, and a dresser, closet, and mirror for grooming. Rooms are modeled to provide an allowable space for at most two occupants.

Residents are also given free access to the bathrooms, living room, dining area, and recreational area.


Nutrition is vital for the health of every person. Residents must receive the ideal nourishment that is right for their age and physical condition.

At Kind-Hearts Adult Foster Care, the foods we serve are in accordance with the dietary needs of each resident as prescribed by their physician or dietician. A nutritionally balanced and proper blend of fruits, vegetables, and meat is served in all three meals of the day. Nutritious snacks are also served between meals.


Elevating the ability to care for oneself to encourage healthy well-being among residents is one of the reasons why we are driven to provide quality individualized care.

Personal care encompasses habits that maintain hygiene and well-being. It will be provided depending on what a resident needs as stated in his/her care plan. Providing support in Activities of Daily Living, such as bathing, grooming, eating, toileting, and walking, promotes the daily functioning of our care recipients.

Residents who are able to care for themselves are encouraged to do the tasks independently.

We also provide laundry assistance to effectively and efficiently clean their clothes and avoid hygiene-related illnesses.


Care providers acknowledge the adverse effects of medications on the residents. Strictly following doctor’s prescriptions and implementing medication intake routines are two of the things we do best at Kind-Hearts Adult Foster Care.

We coordinate with the physician and medication provider of each resident and keep records of the medications we have in hand. To ease the difficulty of care recipients, we prepare liquid medications or blisters in advance.

Medication assistance is provided upon the written permission of the resident’s physician and legal representative.


Managing finances is a private matter, and we recognize the authority of each resident in handling monetary funds. However, there are instances when residents entrust to us the safekeeping of their monetary resources.

When the resident agrees to this arrangement, a license holder will take responsibility for the following:

  • Keeping funds in a locked box
  • Keeping records of cash in and out
  • Ensure that residents sign receipts of fund requests
  • Prepare quarterly accounting of financial transactions on behalf of a resident
  • Giving residents or their legal representatives the access to written records of the fund

Safekeeping the monetary resources of residents within our facility will give them convenient access to their personal funds whenever they need them.


Access to safe and comfortable means of transportation is our promise to our residents and their families.

The quality of our transportation services hugely relies on the credibility and skill of our drivers. Our drivers are state-licensed and are adept with safe routes within Minnesota. To provide comfort for residents when traveling, assistive devices are incorporated into the vehicles to make way for easy transfers. Moreover, vehicle conditions are checked before and after travels.

The individual service of residents will indicate how often and for what reasons they would require transportation services. They may need this assistance for the following reasons:

  • Traveling to and from work
  • Traveling to and from doctor’s appointments
  • Attending recreational activities or social events

Reach Out to Us

If you have queries about the qualifications to become a resident or with our adult foster care arrangements, please give us a call at 763-222-4838 or write your concerns here.